Monday, July 2, 2007

Hey Lucy, Here's another one: "Killer Looks"

Genre: Action Comedy
Feature film title: “Killer Looks”

A couture loving hitman dreams of becoming a clothing designer, but soon he must choose between his life of crime and his passion for fashion.

Adrian is in the midst of a career crisis. He’s always been good at his job, a top-notch hired assassin, but he secretly longs for a career as a fashion designer.

He supports his family’s lavish lifestyle by doing whatever assignments are sent his way but between hits he creates fabulously flamboyant neckties, which also happen to come in handy at work.

When a contract is put out to kill his personal hero, fashion designer William Armichi, a formidable client forces Adrian to take the well paying job. But after seeing William’s brilliant new fall line, he can't bring himself to kill such an artist.

Now the client wants them both dead. Adrian risks everything to rescue William. While on the run with his family, he and William decide to turn the tables on the client and surprisingly, when executing their plan, they receive the unexpected help of Adrian’s family.


Pillock said...

Quite a funny premise, I can imagine the gags.

Laura Reyna said...

I think this one has potential, too.

Reminds me a little of Ben Stiller's Zoolander.

The premise is a little whacky but i think it has commercial potential-- if you can make it funny.

Overall, your ideas seem very marketable. :-) Good luck with your projects!


Anne of Cleves said...

Thank you Pillock and Laura -

It's a dark comedy, sort of a Zoolander meets the Sopranos, with a touch of The Munsters at home.
He has a disfunctional family - an overbearing live-in mother-in-law, who he'd gladly kill for free, but he'd catch hell from his wife so it's not worth it. His children play with guns he has lying about at home (his toddler has good aim and shows promise) his wife is trying to break into society, and to their dismay, they have trouble keeping nannies.

Oh and his oldest son has just hit puberty, so all he thinks about is getting laid.

MJ said...

Made me laugh, but it's got enough drama potential to fill the gags out. Also, on reading your comments, there's something particularly funny about a toddler who's a crack-shot.... can't tell you why but there just IS! Nice, snappy pacing too.

Anne of Cleves said...

Thank you MJ.

The family will come together at the end to help Dad, like "The Incredibles" - They'll use their individual "talent" to come to his aid, and unite to save themselves.
Even the Mother-in-Law comes her own way.

martin said...

Hi yr highness

congrats on co- winning Lucypalooza! another great pitch - have you written drafts for all these?