Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Screenplay Pitch for "Raging Gurrl"

Genre: Action Thriller
Feature film title: “Raging Gurrl”

A shy reserved cartoonist becomes entangled in a political conspiracy when her superhero’s plotline stumbles onto real plans to take over the government.

Gena Rencliff, a twenty-something mousy recluse, is the creator of the popular cartoon “RagingGurrl.” Isolated, she lives vicariously through her heroine’s exploits, using her highly insightful imagination to create storylines based on current events. Soon her world changes when she attracts the attention of an ominous secret government agency. She’s brutally interrogated after they suspect she’s discovered information about a militant group following the same exact plan as her character RagingGurrl, to overtake the government.

Despite threats to stay away, Gena begins to investigate and finds that the secretive agency itself represents the true danger. In a flash of insight, she seeks out the militants and discovers they are trying to prevent the takeover. Realizing they won’t succeed without her, Gena chooses to risk everything and join their cause. As she prepares for the confrontation to thwart the sinister plot, she transforms into the super hero of her own creation.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Screenplay Pitch for “Jessica Little and the Manor House Spy”

Genre: Family, Musical Comedy
Feature film title: “Jessica Little and the Manor House Spy”

In a musical adventure set in WWII England, an orphaned girl risks her life and future happiness to thwart a spy and save her friends.

Jessica, a mischievous and imaginative little girl, is consigned to an orphanage after her father’s death during WWII. Desperately longing for a home where she’s loved, her chances grow dim as she immediately gets herself into trouble with the evil, rotund Sister Agnes and the dimwitted headmaster, Father Wolfsen when among other things, she convinces the girls that Agnes is exceptionally fat because she’s swallowed a girl whole.

Mary, the kindhearted drunken cook and Arthur, a brilliant inventor, befriend her and try their best to keep her out of trouble. When a mysterious traveler, Nathan, is given temporary lodging in the manor that houses the orphanage, everyone is taken in by his charm, except Jessica. She discovers he is a German spy intent on stealing Arthur’s invention and destroying them all.

When the adults around her fail to see the danger, she realizes she must stop him on her own.

I Love Lucy

Lucy Vee, the most brilliant and talented writer and master blogger, has set up a Pitch Competition to run concurrent with the Screenwriters' Festival! Pitchin' is better than bitchin', so if you weren't chosen as a finalist (lucky bastards) in the SWF Fever Pitch contest, now's your chance to show your pitches to the world on Wednesday, July 4th.
Brava Lucy!

My pitches will be the next posts...wish us all luck, but wish more luck to me please.

You can overcome rejection and keep your head!