Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Screenplay Pitch for "Raging Gurrl"

Genre: Action Thriller
Feature film title: “Raging Gurrl”

A shy reserved cartoonist becomes entangled in a political conspiracy when her superhero’s plotline stumbles onto real plans to take over the government.

Gena Rencliff, a twenty-something mousy recluse, is the creator of the popular cartoon “RagingGurrl.” Isolated, she lives vicariously through her heroine’s exploits, using her highly insightful imagination to create storylines based on current events. Soon her world changes when she attracts the attention of an ominous secret government agency. She’s brutally interrogated after they suspect she’s discovered information about a militant group following the same exact plan as her character RagingGurrl, to overtake the government.

Despite threats to stay away, Gena begins to investigate and finds that the secretive agency itself represents the true danger. In a flash of insight, she seeks out the militants and discovers they are trying to prevent the takeover. Realizing they won’t succeed without her, Gena chooses to risk everything and join their cause. As she prepares for the confrontation to thwart the sinister plot, she transforms into the super hero of her own creation.


martin said...

Hello again

Again strong on genre there's obviously a solid idea for a film there, and I really like the sound of the central character.

a few questions - Is it just a coincidence that her work reflects reality? What do the militants stand for? Is this the real gov, or a fictional alternative universe gov that she wants to overthrow? and Why?

I prefered 'Jessica Little..' out of 2 myself, but then I just dont like conspiracy thrillers much!

Good pitch again tho, Hope they're not all this good!!

Anne of Cleves said...

Thank you again Martin - you keep me on my toes:-)

Hmm, I don't really think of it as a conspiracy movie.
The arena is the high power world of policy makers, but it's to be more of a Pygmalion story - however she comes to life, not by being loved by someone else, but by learning to love herself: she's the one chipping away at the marble that holds her beauty within it.
She's a master observer, which gives her the natural ability to see things that most people miss, and unfortunately also the ability to see all of her flaws, so she keeps away from others for fear that they'll see them too. She connects with the world through her work - and she's been very succesful-she has a huge fan base.

Here's an answer to some of your questions -
She's creating a story line based on what she sees unfolding in current events - but she's too close to exposing the real truth (there is a real plot to takeover the government) and the people behind it.
The Agency deceptively labels them militants - they would call anyone who opposes them militants, traitors or radicals.
The Agency is run by a few government officials who want to sieze power exclusively for their select group, but can't do so legally.
She doesn't want to overthrow the government, she and the Militants want to stop the Agency from doing so. But they'll have to purge the government officials who are directing the Agency, without getting caught.

Oh, and there are lots of explosions and fast paced action sequences.

You can tell I live in the US can't you?

Elinor said...

Me again. I love your strong female character counterpointed by her need to break out of her vicarious life. Great stuff!

Pillock said...

I like the character arc, but would like to know more about the superhero alterego.

Laura Reyna said...

I like the premise & think it has potential.

I'm just not clear on what kind of world this is. Is this a straight thriller taking place here and now (The Net)

...the near future (Children of Men)

... an alternative reality-type universe (The Matrix)

... a comic book setting (Spider-Man)?

Is this a sci-fi comic book movie like Aeon Flux or Ultra-Violet??

I'm just not getting a clear picture of what this movie would look like. Perhaps a few details would help clarify.

Anne of Cleves said...

Excellent questions!

I do see it as a present day, real world. The transformation is similar to La Femme Nikita, she discovers the depth of her power as a woman and she chooses to use her strength to change her world.

(It reflects my belief that, if women could make this transformation, the world would never be the same.)

Pillock - I will think more about this and respond. There's a better answer somewhere deep in my head, so I'll need to look for it.

Anne of Cleves said...

I've sorted out that I believe she frees herself - she chips away at the marble encasing her to reveal her true self - she's strong, unique - this is beauty.
She is the master sculpter, and has been all along.